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God Speaks (7)

  • God:
    PURPOSE... is found in Me, Child. When you find purpose, you find Me. When you find Me, you find purpose. I reside in the midst of what you are purposed for, because I created the purpose you find yourself drawn to.
  • Me:
    But how does one find purpose?
  • God:
    Purpose is that which draws you. What draws you? Feeling drawn multiple ways? This is because I reside in all that draws you. Your purpose is far from the miniscule, but resides in the grand. You are not indecisive. You are not unstable. You have found purpose in many things because you are called to many things. When you pursue your purpose, and that which draws you (which is just Me by the way), you find Me. You find peace, happiness, and fulfillment. Man will forever have a seemingly unquenchable attraction to the divine that is only satisfied when I Am found. No two people will have equal purposes. You find yours here, and they find theirs elsewhere. The idea is that each must seek Me, and WILL find Me. I Am not in one place where everyone can reach Me. No, I must be sought after. And I can be found in purpose. Find purpose, find Me.

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